Why I like Basketball

Whenever I run with the ball I feel a gush of wind that is impossible to describe. The vibrations of the basketball on my hand, and the other team's reaction I like the fast pace action of the game.

Viewing basketball

I like to watch basketball games whether it be from the NBA or just a simple pick up game. Watching as the game’s intensity gets stronger and stronger is a wonder to watch. I watch as the ball goes into the three and the clock counts down to the final seconds of the game. It is a very enjoyable experience

The exercise

Basketball is one of the best sports to help improve your cardiovascular endurance and build your team building skills. Basketball is a team sport that requires the help of everyone and requires them to play together. Basketball builds team building skills and also burns many calories because you have to run back and forth

The risks

Basketball is one of the most dangerous sports. People are constantly trying to get the ball and block you and dangerous things can happen to you if you are playing. You could break your nose, tear your Achilles, or take an elbow to the eye. Basketball has its upsides but also it has its risks.

The fit

Basketball is a sport where you mostly need to be tall and have a good acceleration speed. Tallness is a huge advantage in basketball and allows you to block people more easily, and get rebounds. However, there are exceptions where you can be good despite not being tall because of your advantage speed. But if you do not have these traits then basketball will be a very hard sport for you to play


Basketball is a sport that requires hours and hours of practice. Shooting the ball from far away if a very difficult task, However, you need to do it over and over again so that your muscle memory gets used to it. Even though there are some things that give you an advantage in basketball, there is a huge skill gap and you need to practice constantly in order to be the best that you can be